I'm Thinking of Spoiling Things: Hit Man // Furiosa

I'm Thinking of Spoiling Things: Hit Man // Furiosa

Where do we go, we who wander this film podcast wasteland, in search of our better episodes? Spoiling Things has a new home on Step Printed, and Stephen and Vaughn reopen everyone's favorite bar and grill at the peak of the Citadel to talk about every fortress of film on the horizon. The First Fortress, led by warlord Alex Garland, whose expert extrapolation of the American political landscape has granted us the revelation of twee folk music over lo-fi montages of the east coast. The Second Fortress, led by the great Dr. George Miller, who has created a utopia of pristine franchise filmmaking and expanded it with effortless brilliance. The Third Fortress, led by former podcast guest* Luca Guadagnino, who crafted the year's most pulse-pounding thrill ride set to the exhilarating tune of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross' driving synths. The Fourth Fortress, led by legendary American filmmaker Richard Linklater, updating and reinventing the romcom and the neo-noir with endless charm. Civil War, Furiosa, Challengers, Hit Man, and two delirious co-hosts this week on the show.

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