Throw Down: Born to Fight (2004)

Throw Down: Born to Fight (2004)

Hot off the international success of Ong-Bak (2003), stunt choreographer and Thai action veteran Panna Rittikrai set out to make another no holds barred stunt showcase, featuring a cast of his Muay Thai Stunt team and a group of Thai national athletes. A loose remake of his debut film, Born to Fight commits itself entirely to its mind boggling action and death defying stunts wrapped around a simple narrative that keeps the stakes big without getting bogged down in the details. The final 40 minutes are an endless action setpiece that starts at an unprecedented level of intensity and never stops ramping up the madness. Join Jack and Vaughn as they return from the Maytrix to exploring the vast world of action cinema this week on the show.

Next week we’ll be back with Patrick G. Donahue's action schlocksterpiece Parole Violators. Until then, for more words, thoughts, and action adoration, find us all around the internet.

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