Throw Down: The Matrix Resurrections (2021)

Throw Down: The Matrix Resurrections (2021)

Nearly two decades after the conclusion of the original Matrix trilogy, after initially expressing an explicit intent to leave the story where it ended, Lana Wachowski returned to her world of cyberpunk and philosophy as a way to process grief and to protect her IP from corporate bastardization. The result is a massive swing as beautifully earnest and idiosyncratic as anything either of the Wachowskis have ever done, an unsurprisingly romantic epic that updates outdated ideas about stiff and bleak corporate oppression; trading them for a slick, post-irony world where everything is about itself and nihilism reigns. A world where we are gaslit into questioning our sanity at every turn, where we are talked out of radicalism through fear of uprooting the functional status quo. Received with as much divisive contention as every other Matrix sequel, Jack and Vaughn are here to dive in and break down The Matrix Resurrections. At last.

Next week we’ll be back with Panna Rittikrai's stunt showcase masterpiece Born To Fight. Until then, for more words, thoughts, and action adoration, find us all around the internet.

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